Clock In and Clock Out

Employees can Clock In and Clock Out from any page of MyTime

Employees can clock-in and clock-out using MyTime to accurately log their time. 

Users must be added to the employee role to clock-in and clock-out. 

  • To clock-in simply click the Clock In button on the top right hand of any page. This button appears on every page. 
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Once you have clocked in this button will become a Clock Out button. 

  • The clock will begin to track how long you have been working for and you will also be sent an email confirming you have clocked in.
  • To clock out again simply click the Clock Out button on the top right hand of any page.
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  • The button will turn back into a Clock In button and you will sent an email confirming your clock-out. the clock will continue to show how long you have worked today.