Create a Custom Role

Organisation Admins can Create Custom Roles on the 'Roles' page

Out of the box, there are three roles built-in to MyTime, each with specific permissions: Users, Employees and Organisation Admins. If the built-in roles do not reflect the roles in your organisation then Organisation Admins can set up new bespoke roles with any permissions or features granted to this role. 

User licences must be purchased before users can be assigned to a custom role. If you do not have enough User licences, you can become Billing Contact and purchase more. 

  • Click on the Roles menu option in the Admin section of the menu on the left hand side of your screen.
  • Under the list of built-in roles, click the +Add New Role button.
  • Type the new of the bespoke role that you are adding in the Role Name box.
  • Check the relevant boxes to give the new role the appropriate permissions or Features:
    • Approve events
    • Authenticate browsers
    • Company settings
    • Edit employee
    • Invite new users
    • Manage employee events
    • Manage employee flexi-time
    • Rename organisation
  • Click the + Add Role button to save the role and permissions.

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  • Once you have set up your Custom Role it will appear in the list of roles.

You can change your bespoke roles name or permissions by clicking the Actions button and selecting Edit from the dropdown.