Customise Individual Employee Settings

Organisation Admins can edit settings for individual employees in the Users section of MyTime

When a new employee joins MyTime your organisation's standard working policies as input into the Employee Template and Organisation Settings are applied by default, but of course many of your employees may have a specific working agreement. No matter how many agreements there are, MyTime can cater for them all, by allowing you to edit individual employees' settings. 

As standard, only Organisation Admins can edit individual employee settings. 

Individual employee settings can be edited in the Users section of MyTime. 

  • Click on the Users menu option in the Admin section of the menu on the left hand side of your screen.
  • Click the button next to the employee you want to customise settings for and click on the Edit option from the menu that drops down. 
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  • This will take you to the Edit Employee screen, from here you can update this employee's: role, approver,  working week information, flexi time and annual leave allowance.

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  • Start typing the name of the employees' Approver in the Approval Information section.
  • A dropdown list of Organisation Admins will appear, select the approver from this list.
    Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 15.21.10

A User must be an Organisation Admin before they can be assigned as an Approver. This can be assigned on the Roles & Users page.

  • Select the days in this employees working week by clicking on the relevant days, type the number of hours worked each day in the text boxes underneath the days.  

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Days in green are days this employee works and days in red are days this employee does not work. 

  • Click Save to apply this information, this can be easily edited at any point.
  • You can view their flexi-time allowance in the flexi-time management section and add adjustments to their flexi-time by clicking the Manage Flexi-Time button. 
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  • You can view their annual leave allowance in the annual leave section and adjust an individual allowance by clicking the Manage Annual Leave button this will take you to a new page.

  • In the Annual Leave section type in the number of annual days for this individual employee and click Save

  • You can also edit a specific annual leave year by clicking on the button next to the year you want to change and click on the Edit option from the menu that drops down.

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  • You can then adjust that years allowance and click Save to save the edit. 

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