Assigning Roles to Users

Roles are assigned by Organisation Admins on the 'Users' page.

Out of the box, there are three roles built-in to MyTime, each with specific permissions.

These permissions cannot be changed, however new bespoke roles can also be set up, and any of the permissions or Features available can be granted to a bespoke role.

Role Features
Users Anyone who has been invited to MyTime
Employees Clock-in and Clock-out, Book or Request absences 
Organisation Admins

Approve Requests, Edit Company Settings, Edit Employee Settings, Invite New Users, Manage Employee Records, Manage Employee Flexi-time, Rename Organisation

When anyone sets up a organisation in MyTime, they are automatically assigned the Organisation Admin and User roles for that organisations.

When you invite Users in MyTime, they are automatically assigned to the paid Users role for that organisation. Any User can be assigned to the role Employees or Organisation Admins by an Organisation Admin.

Only Organisation Admins can assign the in-built Employees or Admin roles to a User.

Roles are assigned in the Users page of MyTime. 

User licences must be purchased before users can be assigned to a role. If you do not have enough User licences, you can become Billing Contact and purchase more. 

  • Click on the Users menu option in the Admin section of the menu on the left hand side of your screen.
  • You will see a list of all the Users in your Organisation and the role they hold.
  • Find the person you would like to assign a role too, click on the button next to their name in the Actions column and select the Edit option from the dropdown. Untitled design (70)

If they aren't a User in your Organisation, you will need to invite them to join your Organisation as a User before you can assign them a role.

  • This will take you to the Edit User screen. From here you can assign the Employee and/or Organisation Admin Role by clicking the relevant checkbox and clicking Save
  • You can remove the user from the role by un-ticking the check-box. 

Defaults, Annual Leave Start Month and Absence Settings must be set in Organisation Settings before a User can be added to the Employee Role.