Connectors connect shapes together and show the direction of the process.

Connector 2

Connectors are arrows that connect 2 or more shapes together and show the order of the Process Map. They can be customised to suit your process and map styling.

Connector 3            Connector 1          Connector 5

Connectors can be labeled to provide more information.

Connector with Labels

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 17.36.51

Off-page connectors link two Deliverables of the same name across maps and can be linked to several maps at once. The number of maps the off-page connectors are linked to is shown by the number displayed in the centre of the shape.

Off-page connectors allow Authors to map processes end-to-end while enabling users to only see the relevant section of the process, for example when a new customer or order is passed from sales to the duty manager.