FAQs for Process Library (SaaS)

Customer Service FAQs

I have been unable to confirm my email, what should I do?

On sign-up you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your email address. If you did not receive this email or you have been unable to confirm your email address this way please contact Triaster's support via our Contact Portal, emailing support@triaster.co.uk or telephoning: +44 (0)207 770 8053.

Technical FAQs

What web browsers do you support?

Process Library (SaaS) is supported by the following browsers and operating systems:

  • Google Chrome version 111 and above 
  • Mozilla Firefox version 111 and above
  • Microsoft Edge version 112 and above
  • Safari version 15 and above
  • Opera version 91 and above
  • IOS version 10 and above
  • Android version 5 and above

Use the latest version of your browser to ensure you make the most of Process Library (SaaS).

You can use Process Library (SaaS) in other browsers but may not get the best experience. 

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on servers in the United Kingdom.