Create a Custom Role

Admins can Create Custom Roles in the 'Roles' page

There are three roles built-in to Process Library (SaaS), each with specific permissions: User, Author and Admin. If the built-in roles do not reflect the roles in your organisation then Admins can create bespoke roles by granting permissions or features to this role. 

As standard, only Admins can create a Custom Role.

  • To create a custom role click on the Roles menu option in the Admin section of the menu on the left hand side of your screen.
  • Under the list of built-in roles, click the +Add A New Role button.Untitled design - 2023-05-19T121053.590
  • Type the name of the bespoke role that you are adding into the 'Role Name' field.
    Add new role - Name
  • Check the relevant boxes to give the new role the appropriate permissions or features:
    • Create, Edit and Delete Process Maps
    • Invite New Users
    • Manage Data Capture 
    • Manage Homepage 
    • Rename Tenant

Admins can create roles with no permissions or features for security purposes. 

  • Click the + Add Role button to save the role and permissions.

Untitled design - 2023-05-19T122625.061

  • Once you have set up your custom role it will appear in the list of roles.
    Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 12.28.56
  • To update your custom role click on the button next to the role in the Actions column and select the Edit option from the dropdown.
    Untitled design - 2023-05-19T123610.528