Set Process Map Security

Admins can set who can view Process Maps - on a map by map basis - from the Process Map List view

Process Map security is set on an individual map basis by Admins. Admins can set which process maps Users can view and Authors can edit - but please note Admins can always view and edit all maps.

As standard, you must be an Admin to set process map security. 

  • To set a process map security click on the Process Maps menu item in the Library Content section of the menu.
  • Find the process map you would like to set the security for, click on the action button and select Set Security from the dropdown. 
    Untitled design - 2024-05-31T123634.585
  • A pop-up will appear, check the box (or boxes) next to the roles you want to grant access to this process map and click Set.
    Untitled design - 2024-05-31T124309.064
  • This will close the pop-up and set the process map security.
  • If users do not have access to a process map they will be able to view the process map title in the Library and All Maps list view but will not be able to view the process map. Authors will be able to view all process maps but if they do not have access they are unable to edit or make drafts to the process map. 
  • If you click on a process map you do not have access to Process Library will display the following message:

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 12.52.36

  • This message will also be displayed if you click on a link to a process map you do not have access to from within a different process map.