Lifecycles are how your agreed ways of working are represented in the ATC platform.

Lifecycles are the driving force within the ATC platform, as they are how your agreed ways of working are set up so that everyone has to follow them. 

Each of your best practice processes are set up as a Lifecycle, with each of the activities within that process set as a Lifecycle Stage

Untitled design (62)For process execution think of a lifecycle as the optimal way that any inputs for that processes should be actioned. So for example if your process is Customer Returns, your lifecycle should be set up with the best practice way of dealing with a customer return. 

For change management, lifecycles should be thought of as the optimal way to capture, consider, prioritise and implement change or improvement ideas for your given topic.

As standard, lifecycles can only be set up by Process Owners.

All Crowds have the default Lifecycle PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) which means that all newly submitted inputs are automatically assigned this lifecycle. 

You can change the default Crowd Lifecycle in the Crowd Settings section of the Dashboard