Deliverable is something which has been produced and is described using a noun.

A Deliverable is something which has been produced or 'delivered', often once a step of the process is complete. Deliverables can range from a Job Vacancy to Completed Code but they are always described using nouns.

Deliverables can be both Inputs and Outputs as they are both used to carry out an activity and produced as the result of an Activity

Deliverables can fall into one or more of the following categories:  


An Internal Deliverable - often simply called a Deliverable - is something which is produced within your organisation, for example a job vacancy. Internal Deliverables are in the scope of your process map.  

External Deliverable

An External Deliverable is something that is produced outside of the organisation, for example a purchase order from a customer. External Deliverables are outside the scope of your process map.

Handover Deliverable

A Handover Deliverable is an output which will be passed from one department to another, for example a job description being passed from a department to HR.

Start/End Deliverable

A Start/End Deliverable is the input the Process Map begins on or the output the Process Map ends on.

In a Multi-level Process Map, a Child Deliverable is a Deliverable has been created because there is a corresponding Deliverable on the level above. 

In a Multi-level Process Map, a Parent Deliverable is the Deliverable in the level above that caused the Child Deliverable to be created.

 An Orphan Deliverable is Child Deliverable for which the Parent Deliverable has been deleted.