How do you change who owns an input?

Update an inputs owner when something changes.

The ability to manage Input requires Ownership of the Input.

An Owner is responsible for the Input progressing through the stages. While an Input item may be Assigned To other users to perform actions, the Owner has ownership of the Input item through the whole process and is accountable for progress to closure.

Input Owners have complete control over the Input, including ability to edit title and description, update Topic, Release, Stage, Assignment, Ownership and deletion.

Note that if there is only one Owner in a crowd all incoming Input is automatically assigned to that Owner.

  1. Click on the Inputs tab on the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on an Input that you have ownership of.
  3. Use the dropdown boxes to update the Input items: Topic, Release, Lifecycle, Stage, Ownership and who it is assigned to.
  4. Use the tick boxes to change who can view the Input, click save changes to save visibility changes.

Manage this input

Update Who This Is Owned By:

To assign Ownership, Select an owner from the dropdown menu. Owners have full control over the Input, including ability to edit.